7 Insights To Improve Your Content Marketing SEO

Compelling content is a cornerstone of any modern marketing strategy. More than 50% of businesses currently invest money, time, and energy into content marketing, with most of them publishing new material every. single. day. With so much content out there and demand for new, engaging content growing, it can be hard for someone marketing a small business, running a blog, or helping out clients to know where to begin. Well, this video is going to show you exactly where to start.

A great place to start when building a content plan is by taking a look at the competition. Understanding which keywords your competitors are focusing on can clue you in to areas you may be lacking content, and missing out on capturing your potential customers.

The first Semrush tool you’re going to use is our Keyword Gap Tool.
A great tool that compares your site with your competitors’ and shows keywords that you share, and most importantly, ones that you are missing. Now, this tool will actually suggest competitor’s here that you can compare your site to. So, even if you don’t have an exact idea of who to compare yourself to, the tool takes care of that for you.

Clicking on a keyword is going to take us to the Keyword Overview tool. This tool shows helpful stats about that particular keyword, such as search volume and difficulty score. The Questions section can provide very useful insights into the questions people are asking about your keyword. Understanding what information people are searching for, what questions they want answered, can guide your content writing. Your content should provide valuable information to people asking these questions. Add these keywords to your keyword list.